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I was born in New York City and surrounded by the arts all of my life. My wonderfully talented mother, an oil painter, was essential in teaching me fine art and craft techniques. My grandmother taught me sewing, hand smocking, and Spanish lace making. From a young age I spent summers with Lady Astor (a family friend) who gave me many art and art history books. Like a grandmother to me, Lady Astor, encouraged me to write and perform home plays. I was embraced by those who nurtured my imagination, and focused my appreciation for fine art, classical music, opera, and books. These were magical years when life was slower, simple, with many Sundays spent in New York museums and picnics in Central Park. 

Having art in my soul and surroundings, I studied Fine Art, and Art History at Parsons School of Design N.Y., and Graphic Design/Typography at School Of Visual Arts N.Y. While attending college I worked as a Graphic Artist/Layout Design, and Illustrator for Prentice-Hall Publishers. I was young, full of fearless ambition, and became an Assistant Director at a very young age for a small Ad firm on Park Ave in New York. 

Having a passion for art, it was unsatisfying working in the confines of an office and my career overlapped as I began to work as a Make-Up artist for Film, Television, and the Fashion industries. This was a wonderful time which allowed me many years of travel and adventures while naturally settling in Los Angeles. Through those wonderful years I worked for top modeling agencies, The Academy Awards, Coca~Cola, HBO, CBS, ABC, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros Studios, and a long list of Models, Actors and Celebrities. 
After a life of adventure I gave birth to my daughter in 1992 which began my journey into miniatures. I built her a dollhouse soon after her birth and it is here my soul rests. In 1996 I officially launched MaritzaMiniatures painting silks for miniature furnishing, wall panels, and accessories for collectors and museums internationally. As my craft and skills have grown I also create, build and design One-Of-A-Kind miniature furniture, and structures. 

Today I live in Central California in a beautiful quaint town near the giant Redwood Trees of California. I surround my life with the things I love which inspires my work. After 20 years working as a Miniature Artist I sit today working in my studio and realize the symphony of life and how all things from heaven and earth lead me directly to this work that I love with great passion and dedication.

Its been and continues to be an amazing ride and I infinitely strive to create and learn each day. 

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